Strap Ring

Strap Ring

The Strap Ring is made in the USA of stainless steel. It allows the customer to attach tie-downs almost anywhere there is an 8mm or smaller bolt (smaller bolts obviously are not as strong).  The Strap Ring is break tested at 2000 pounds EACH which far exceeds all the tie down hooks or carabineers on the market. The original and main idea was to give the motorcyclist a place to attach tie downs to the triple clamp of a dirt bike but we have found a million other uses, for instance, in the bed of a truck or trailer, behind passenger peg bolts as a place to attach luggage straps on a street bike or anywhere you can put a bolt!  The eye is large enough to accept the large size 3/8 inch coated tie down hooks as well as 8mm carabineers and comes packaged in pairs.


Is that little ring really strong enough to hold my bike?

Absolutely! We have tested the Strap Ring to it’s breaking point and that is somewhere beyond 2200 lbs. EACH. It doesn’t bend at 2000 lbs. The ring distorts or bends at 2200 lbs. but still doesn’t break.

Will it rust? I noticed that it isn’t painted or coated with anything.

It is made of stainless steel.

Can it be used for other stuff?

Absolutely. My son is a building contractor and uses them to secure his ladders inside his equipment trailer. I use them as a place to attach bungee straps to the rear of my bike. They fit nicely under the muffler hanger bolts on my KTM.

Let us know if you have some clever uses for the Strap Ring.



Installation Instructions:



  • The Strap Ring must lay flat under the bolt head and never in recessed or countersunk holes, unless the Strap Ring can lay flat inside the recess.
  • Position the ring toward the direction of pull, so pulling on the ring does not tend to loosen the bolt.
  • Install the Strap Ring in a place that will not likely snag on riding gear or you!
  • Check for proper clearance of wires and control cables by turning forks from lock to lock.
  • The bolt you place the Strap Ring under must still be long enough not to compromise it’s strength or it’s originally intended use.
  • Use a longer bolt of equal or greater strength if necessary!

Using Blue Loc-tite is always a good idea.